Cell Spy Android (6 Month Licence)

Once payment is received we will send you the software and installation manual via email within 1 hours
R3 750,00

CellSpy is software. It isn't a device or gadget and it cannot be seen. You will install CellSpy onto the phone that you want to monitor. We call that phone the "target phone". Nothing needs to be installed on your phone or computer and everything is done via the Internet. Once installed, CellSpy is invisible to the user and it works silently in the background, capturing their messages, chats and emails, recording their voice calls, tracking their location and more.

All that information is then sent over the air to a secure web server (the "cloud") where it is encrypted and stored. You can access that information from anywhere in the world using any cell phone, computer, laptop, tablet - even a smart TV - as long as it has internet access and a compatible web browser.

From your web "control panel" you can listen to recorded calls, read messages, chats and emails, access phone and user data, view photos and videos, track the location and movements of the phone and remotely control the target phone. You are able to back that information up, download it, print it, export it, sort it, filter it, archive it and delete it.

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